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    We buy and collect debts.

    Sell us your bad debts in as little as 30 minutes for 75% of their actual value.

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  • About Us

    Our process is hassle free. Peace of mind. Immediate collection action against your debtor.

    We use 16 collection methods that encourage your debtor to pay quickly.

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  • About Us

    In most collections we will have a Southern Debt Collection representative within 10 miles of your debtor's location ready to buy your debt now.

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  • (305) 390 - 8373

    We Buy and Collect Debts

Contact Us by phone or just fill out the form and one of our customer representatives will call you within 24 hours.


We buy valid bad debts for 75% of their value. Why place your bad debts with a collection agency when you can sell us all your bad accounts today and forget the worry?

Do not wait any longer...Contact us now so we can get you the money you deserve.


Florida Office: (305) 390-8373

Virginia Office: (703) 638-1338


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