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Our Approach

Our collectors spend an average of 9 hours working each account. If it goes to lawsuit the attorneys can spend as many as 30 hours and you never pay for the attorneys' time.

Comprehensive Collections

Your debtor is notified that if they are not willing to pay you through our Quick Collect pay now system we will attempt to get a court order against them to do most, if not all of the following:

  • File a lien against any property of real estate they may own.
  • Have a forensic accountant examine their personal and business assets.
  • Have a forensic accountant set up an income tax audit.
  • File a negative credit report against them with TransUnion, Equifax and Experian which will remaining on record for 7 years.
  • File all court methods available and invoke all specified remedies permitted by law to collect this debt.
  • Ask a court for $250.00 per hour in attorney fees.
  • Schedule a deposition for them in a collection attorney’s office with a court reporter.
  • Answer questions to several hundred written interrogatories.
  • An investigation by a private investigator.
  • Notify the debtor that his/her failure to pay this debt now can cause them to be possibly denied when they seek credit in the future.
  • Notify them that all lawsuits we file, regardless of amount, are filed in superior court instead of small claims. This means they will need to pay an attorney to defend them.
  • Attach their bank accounts or garnish their wages if they are employed.
  • If they own a business, attach their incoming receivables or confiscate their business equipment.


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